My name is Jolene. I live on a tiny speck in the world map - Singapore. I'm an artisan crafter, a huge craft hoarder, a casual gamer, a 30-something year old, and wife to the most marvellous man in the world!

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The Monogram Story

I'm the sole person behind my brand 'pixéi'. Each piece of work is lovingly handcrafted in my smoke-free home studio. My monogram series are original designs, hand-drawn and inked by me (not printed!). Due to the nature of handmade items, each artwork will vary slightly from one another. As I tend to focus on details in my works, I do not believe in mass production, hence my works are handcrafted either in limited quantity or made-to-order only. Proudly handmade in Singapore.

A little history of pixéi

Graduated with a Diploma of Interactive Web Design in 2004, I've worked as a web designer in a few local agencies. At some point, I realised my passion has always been handicrafts, so I started crafting officially since, and founded pixéi on Etsy in 2007, with handmade jewellery and accessories; and selling crafty stuffs and vintage finds at local flea markets in later years. I have then matured as a person, and so did my brand. 2011, I designed my first Monogram for my wedding. It was remarkably special to me. So in 2013, a brand new pixéi reopens on Etsy with my Monogrammed crafts.

Outside of crafting, "pixei" is my screen name created in 2003 as a casual gamer; I've played in Lineage II, World of Warcraft, once in a while you'd still find me in Diablo 3, Dota 2 or Hearthstone! Since then, I've also signed off as "pixei" to gifts and things I've made for family and relatives.

I'm often learning to cook from my Mom and in-laws, and started to pick up sewing (for future monogrammed projects!). I've also took up freelance web-design jobs to sustain my craft business over these years. I feel very fortunate and incredibly thankful to my family for their love and support for me to be able to pursue the crafts that I'm passionate for.

Hence, I wish to share with you every moment of the things handcrafted by me, and I hope you'll take a liking to my works. I'm creating more works to my collection from time-to-time, so favourite/bookmark/add me for updates.

E: pixei.etsy.com
F: facebook.com/pixeifanpage
P: pinterest.com/pixeipins
W: wanelo.com/pixei

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